The NutriXGold Scientific Protocol for Citrus Fruits aims to raise all the physiological functions of your plants and allow them to naturally counteract serious virosis and bacteriosis (see CTV Citrus Tristeza Virus in the photo) and to return to thrive. We help the plant trigger its natural defense system thanks to our protocol’s nourishing, rebalancing, and strengthening action.

The main objective is to improve the productivity and quality of the fruits, effectively raising all the nutritional values ​​(vitamins, minerals, and enzymes) and drastically improving the size, color, flavor, and aromas of your fruits.

The future of your citrus grove should be entrusted to experts in the sector who can bring VALUE to your fruits and therefore VALUE to your company.

Please request an agronomic consultation and ask now for more information on our BIONUTRITIONAL METHOD.

CTV Citrus Tristeza Virus

If you want to learn more, please download the NutriXGold Scientific Protocol for Citrus Fruits available below and call one of our consultants who will be able to open up a world of new opportunities for your citrus grove.

Comisi Giombattista – Az. Agricola Fossa di Lupo – Vittoria (RG)


“Thanks to the NutriXGold / Zeolite85 protocol for citrus fruits we are bringing back to life our citrus grove that had been attacked and compromised 80% by the Tristeza Virus (CTV). We were told that there was nothing to be done and discouragement had by now taken over our family, so we didn’t want to give up and we wanted to try this protocol. The response of our trees was surprising right from the first treatments and I am happy to support an innovative company that not only manages to understand the real needs of us farmers but above all who manages to obtain such surprising results beyond all rosy expectations. Thank you! “