The Scientific Protocol for the Olive tree must be carried out faithfully to obtain results in line with scientific studies.

Let’s take into consideration the 4 fundamental PILLARS on which the protocol is based, reading them carefully one by one:

  1. NUTRITION OF THE PLANT AND ELEVATION OF ITS DEFENSE SYSTEM: today offers the complete spectrum of bioavailable nutritional elements of the macro elements group, microelements, trace elements, and super trace elements, raising the natural defense system of the Olive tree and activating all its most important physiological functions. By strengthening the defense system, the Olive will be able to counteract virosis, bacteriosis, and fungal attacks more effectively. It should be diluted in water and applied to the tree’s foliage, branches, and trunk with an atomizer, spear, or cannon, wetting the olive tree well at 360 °. During the first year, 6 regular applications, one every 60 days, are necessary to get the Olive used to “eat” again.
  2. LAND REMEDIATION AND STRUCTURING: through the use of we reclaim the soil in depth. It has the exceptional ability to absorb all pollutants, including heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, sodium, ammonium, etc., from all types of soil, effectively bringing it back to a “virgin” state. It strengthens the root system and restructures the soil at various levels, avoiding its compaction thanks to its “sponge” effect. Thanks to its hygroscopic ability to absorb water and nutrients, it helps the plant during drought and avoids any nutritional fluctuations.
  3. INCREASE OF THE ORGANIC SUBSTANCE: in conjunction with its reclamation, the soil needs to be revitalized by increasing its fertility and overall structure. Therefore, we introduce the organic matter of vegetable or animal origin (earthworm humus or mature manure) once a year in the autumn/winter. After the second year, it will be possible to start with green manuring by planting legumes, grasses, vegetables, and crucifers, mowing in full bloom, and leaving them to decompose naturally on the ground.
  4. SURGICAL PRUNING AND CUT DISINFECTION: this represents a strategic tool and fundamental importance for the olive tree. Periodically carry out surgical and non-invasive pruning only of the dry parts. After pruning, it is essential to disinfect the cuts on the plant with Micronized Zeolite85 to be diluted in water and sprayed on the plant. Pruning residues must be removed from the olive grove or burned in the olive grove (in compliance with the law), because the larvae and eggs of many insects harmful to the Olive overwinter in the branches. If the plant requires pruning of branches from 3 years old, pruning in harvest time would be superfluous as those twigs will be eliminated with spring pruning. If frosts are foreseen, categorically avoid pruning.
I nostri Ulivi ... la nostra terra

BIODYNAMIC LUNAR CALENDAR: In our ancestors’ calendar (see central column on the back page), all the days useful for applying the treatments at the foliar level on the olive tree. All days in which foliar absorption is greater are highlighted in bold, representing the best days to carry out the treatment. Absorption is rapid and takes an average of 4/5 hours from the application on the plant.

The main objective of the Scientific Protocol is to strengthen the Olive tree to bring it back to full autonomy and independence, triggering all its vital and physiological functions so that it can continue to vegetate, flourish, bear fruit, and thrive for future generations.

Please request an agronomic consultation and now request more information on our BIONUTRITIONAL method to apply to your olive grove.

Suppose you want to learn more about the topic. In that case, we invite you to download the NutriXGold Scientific Protocol for the Olive tree available below and to call one of our consultants, who will be able to open up a world of new opportunities for your olive grove.

Ascanio Sammarco, Azienda Agricola Li Matonni – Erchie (BR)


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