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NutriX Gold
  • What is NutriXGold?

    It is a 100% Natural fertilizer allowed in organic farming and suitable for any crop that recreates the mineral structure of seawater to provide plants with the widest, most complete, and most balanced supply of nutrients. In the secret room of the elements, you can discover curiosities about many rare elements present in NutriXGold.

  • What is NutriXGold made of?

    NutriXGold is a concentrate of 89 minerals and nutrients suitable for any crop.
    These are natural raw materials and a patented device that restructures water at the molecular level allowing it to maintain a permanent negative charge (-mV) and increase bioavailability.

  • Why is NutriXGold effective?

    Thanks to the wide spectrum of nutrients, NutriXGold can reactivate all the plant’s physiological functions, enhancing its natural defense system, increasing its productivity, and, above all, the fruit’s organoleptic values.
    A nourished plant is a naturally more resistant and naturally more generous plant.

  • How to use NutriXGold?

    NutriXGold should be shaken well for at least 30 seconds before any use. Following the individual technical data sheets to evaluate the correct dilution in water and application frequency, depending on the crop to be treated and the vegetative period.

  • Is NutriXGold usable in organic farming?

    Yes, NutriXGold is an CE fertilizer allowed in organic farming.

  • What is the lunar calendar?

    The Lunar calendar is the calendar developed by Maria Thun (1922-2012), which uses the position of the moon and the planets to understand the best days for sowing, foliar treatments, and plant pruning.
    In each of our protocols, you will find the best days to apply our products at the foliar level. The days in bold are the best days when each plant is naturally more receptive to any foliar treatment.

  • Why use NutriXGold if we care about quality?

    NutriXGold is designed to increase the availability of nutrients in what we grow and eat. The goal is to feed plants with a vast range of nutrients so that these nutrients can be made available to people.
    What does quality mean to you?

  • Is NutriXGold dangerous for human health?

    No. NutriXGold is made from 100% natural ingredients and does not pose a risk to human health.

  • Which crops is NutriXGold good for?

    NutriXGold is meant to be used on any crop.
    The only thing that changes is the different dilution and application frequency. For this type of information, follow the scientific protocols of each crop.

  • What do the NutriXGold protocols involve?

    NutriXGold protocols are the guidelines for correctly executing treatments during the year for the different crops.
    All protocols include soil care and plant nutrition.

  • Is NutriXGold miscible with other products?

    Yes, NutriXGold is miscible with other products. However, we recommend that you always consult your reference NutriX Revolution technician.

  • Is NutriXGold addictive to the plant?

    No, it does not create addiction, as it is a 100% natural product.

  • Can I increase the recommended doses of NutriXGold?

    No. NutriXGold is a very concentrated nutrient product. Therefore, do not exceed the recommended dilutions.

  • Can I decrease the interval between one treatment and the next?

    Yes, the treatments can be close together. In full-blown cases of diseases, we recommend this practice until the problem is completely contained.
    However, always consult your NutriXRevolution technician before changing the recommended interval.

  • What is Zeolite85?

    Zeolite85 is a mineral of volcanic origin with unique characteristics in agricultural use.
    It is volcanic lava solidified in seawater. It, therefore, has the mineral characteristics of seawater and an incredible ability to absorb heavy metals and pollutants from any soil or body. Clinoptilolite zeolite is used in agriculture, humans, and animals.
    It is also an excellent ally for protecting plants from fungal attacks, bacteria, visors, and insects with a stinging apparatus.
    It is the mineral that represents the basis for the natural agriculture of the future.

  • What is Zeolite85 used for?

    Zeolite85 optimizes each plant’s natural defenses while increasing each soil’s physical and chemical characteristics.
    Remediation of any pollutant increases water and nutrient retention in the soil, while structures it ensure greater ventilation and drainage. Zeolite85 is the best ally to reduce the use of fertilizers by up to 60% since it captures the elements and releases them slowly to the roots, avoiding waste.
    At the same time, it acts as a physical barrier on the plant, preventing and protecting against fungal, bacterial, and virosis attacks. Its structure contains biting insects from attacking the treated plants and simultaneously protects the plants from climatic stresses such as excess heat and cold.

  • On which crops can Zeolite85 be used?

    Zeolite85 can be used on any crop and soil. 100% natural and stored in organic farming is not dangerous for crops, people, and animals.

  • What is the mineral composition of Zeolite85?

    Zeolite85 is Clinoptilolite based Zeolithite, a mineral mainly based on Silicon Oxide (SiO2) 69.62% but also contains other Oxides such as:
    – Titanium, Aluminum, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium.
    Its minimum cation exchange capacity is 150 cmoles (+) / kg, and the minimum clinoptilolite content is 85%.

  • Zeolite85 Clinoptilolite or Chabasite?

    Zeolite85 is based on Clinoptilolite.
    Clinoptilolite is the purest form of zeolite. It is the only form allowed for human and animal food integration and is the most effective in agricultural use.

  • What types of Zeolite85 do we have?

    We have 2 different formats available:
    1- Zeolite85 Soil improver 0.8-2.5mm
    2- Zeolite85 Micronized strengthening agent 63 micron for foliar use

  • How to use Zeolite85?

    Zeolite85 Soil improver must be placed on the ground and lightly buried (4-5cm). To optimize, apply it only near the roots of the plant. The ideal dose is 1 Kg / m2
    Zeolite85 Micronized corroborant is used for foliar treatments dissolved in water in the average dose of 1Kg / quintal or applied through powder treatments.

  • Is Zeolite85 allowed in organic farming?

    Absolutely yes. It is the mineral with the most significant increase in organic and biodynamic agriculture. Also particularly suitable for traditional agriculture that wants to reduce the input of chemical substances.

  • Is Zeolite85 dangerous for human health?

    Absolutely not.
    The only precaution is to wear a mask while handling the micronized Zeolite85. Even though used for food supplementation, the very fine powders are not suitable for the airways.


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