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What have you given your olive trees to "eat" all these years?

A question as simple as it is uncomfortable and little understood by modern olive growers. Browse your earliest childhood memories and get to today. Do it calmly, do it carefully. What did your grandparents do? and your parents? They nourished the earth in a natural way, with everything they could, and in full respect of the life kept within it. They talked to the trees, they were tied to them. Or not?

After 7 years of studies and field research, together with those who love the land, listening to the real needs of millenary olive trees, we discovered that they were getting sick, with a disease linked more to man than to plants. Acute malnutrition, this is the diagnosis, plus multiple contributing causes linked to the reckless use of synthetic chemistry. Among the accused are the herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and a whole series of poisons that have led, year after year to the collapse of their immune systems.

And we did it, without realizing it and yet we were poisoning them. The Olives represent our roots, our history, our ancestors and we have forgotten the most important aspect linked to their well-being, Nutrition.

The olive trees are a bit like us, they make us sweat and give us joys, and above all they never abandon us. Today more than ever they are the ones who need us, let's not abandon them. They never would. And you?

Discover the latest research linking the drying of the olive trees (CoDiRO) to the lack of nutrition of the plants. 

Discover the live-map of the trees we are saving with NutriXGold®

* NutriXGold is neither a fertilizer nor a phytosanitary. NutriXGold is designed as a nutritional contribution to plants.