How to save your olive trees without
resort to eradication

It is possible to cohabit with Xylella and go back to fruiting!

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I am Fabio Miggiano co-founder of NutriX Revolution and I have prepared a free video where I show:

Because there is no need to eradicate your trees if you take action today
Why the NutriX Gold protocol works
The mistakes that all of us olive grove owners have made and how to avoid them

How to live with Xylella and make it bear fruit again

Fabio Maggiano

What they say about us:

NutriX Gold

Mr. Giuliano Quarta di Tuglie (LE) after 2 years we find his Olives, which had not produced olives for 5 years, and which after the treatments with NutriXGold not only returned to their former glory but allowed Mr..Quarta of making a VERY GOOD OIL!

NutriX Gold

Mr. Massimo Muci from Galatone (LE) after just 1 and a half years of treatment with NutriXGold not only his olive trees have returned to their former glory, but they have allowed Mr. Muci to double the harvest and to produce an EXCELLENT OIL when they had been producing very few olives for more than three years!

NutriX Gold

Mr. Alessandro Coricciati from Martano (LE) after using the NutriXGold protocol in the past years on some trees, has extended it over tens of hectares of property and customers that he follows.